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Krav Maga is a practical approach to self-defense designed by the Israeli Defense Forces and now utilized by special forces and law enforcement around the world; learned by survival-minded civilians; and, more recently, adapted for gym strength and conditioning programs.

The recent rise in Krav Maga’s popularity is, in part, thanks to the school’s straight-forward teaching method, the fast learning curve, and because Krav Maga in not your traditional martial art– it does not concern students with ‘form’ or ‘honoring thy opponent’; there is no meditative component, no bowing or ceremony. Krav Maga, instead, emphasizes real-world responses to real-life situations.


  1. Krav Magais a discipline which comprises all of the basic techniques. It includes striking, grappling, and wrestling; the three basic and most important disciplines, which altogether make it a complete and total package. You literally have no weakness in any area.
  2. Krav Maga is a very realistic technique, and the techniques are easy to learn and execute under situations of stress, like in a street attack.
  3. Krav Maga gives you the ability and skill to take out anybody irrelevant of their size, but at the same time your own size does hardly matters. If you are short and skinny, even then you can tackle street fights simply because the techniques are simple and effective and based on time proven principles and concepts.
  4. Krav Maga does not require a life time of devotion to master the discipline; it just requires a good training regimen and concentration.
  5. Krav maga not only trains you to defend yourself against any sort of attacks and counterattack, it also gives you themental trainingrequired as a prerequisite for the physical training. The mental aspect comes first, and is the most important for you to act strongly and intelligently in the face of danger.
  6. Apart from being one of the best martial arts discipline, Krav Maga in also a very good workoutfor you. Although a Krav Maga exercise regimen alone won’t prepare you for street combat, these classes usually make for high-intensity workouts for people at any level of fitness.
  7. You will become a badass. Nothing boosts confidence and testosterone levels like knowing you are legitimately prepared for whatever. Very few people have any formal self-defense or fight training. As a result, in tense situations where most people lose it, you will keep your cool. If something ever does go down, you’re ready.
  8. It is practical and intuitive. Most martial arts are strongly based in ritual, and as a result often incorporate different forms or strange techniques. Krav is different. Brutal efficiency is the only concern. For this reason, many of the strikes and defenses utilize the same basic motion (e.g. the straight punch and many of the defenses against punches and knives). Moreover, all of the techniques are built upon the body’s natural instincts (e.g. bringing your hands to your neck during a choke defense).
  9. It relieves stress. Sure, so do most workouts, but pounding a kicking shield, or throwing your partner to the floor is a whole different ball game.
  10. It is the perfect hobby. When you come to your first class you might have no idea how to throw a proper punch. After a couple weeks, you might think that you’re Jason Bourne. After a couple months, you’ll realize you aren’t. But after 6 months you’ll look back and be amazed at the progress you’ve made. Experiencing this progress is extremely satisfying.

Clearly taking up Krav Maga has many benefits. One word of caution – make sure you train somewhere with certified, experienced instructors. There are some locations that turn it into a strictly cardio exercise experience, with little focus on technique – not good. So, go take advantage of a free first class, now.